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Connect With Parents 

Do parents really know what happens in Sunday School? Probably not, unless they happen to teach Sunday School themselves. When they leave their children in your class, parents entrust to you their prized possession, knowing they are safe and secure with you. They also assume you will teach a wonderful Bible lesson. But the best way for parents to know what really happens in their childs class is to hear it from you. 

Connect with parents by telling them . . .

  • What you like about their child.

  • What a typical day in Sunday School is like.

  • What their childs favorite part of Sunday School is.

  • What their child is learning in Sunday School.

  • Who their childs friends are in Sunday School.

  • What songs, games, activities, etc. their child likes best.

  • About any special events for their childs age group

  • About a special mission project

And the very best way for parents to discover what happens in Sunday School is to experience it for themselves. Invite parents to visit by telling them they are always welcome in their childs class.

Teacher Training Section

Do I Belong Here?
Helping the children in your class feel love and accepted 

Helping children feel love and accepted is just as important as providing a safe and secure environment and an interesting Bible lesson. Sunday School is a special place where children learn about God and discover how to live and grow as Christians. As a teacher, what you say and do makes a big difference in how a child feels about Sunday School. 

Six Destroyers Six Builders
Lack of Encouragement Love
Over protectiveness Security
Criticism Acceptance
Selfish Punishment Independence
Insensitivity Responsibility
Rejection Praise & Encouragement

What are the consequences of building? How does less misbehavior, more participation, friendly, self-confident, loving students and a pleasant Sunday School class sound?

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing. 
I Thessalonians 5:19

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